Welcome to The World of Barbie 1950 & 1960 Era


A blog for those who loved Barbie growing up and whose fascination remains today! Let’s get right to the reason for this blog and more to follow. I will be posting the extraordinary world of Barbie and highlight her growth in everyday life, careers, and fashion. Sure, she has been surrounded by controversy, whether for her physical proportions influencing a false sense of body image, her narrow view of beauty, or how some of Barbie’s professions portray women as unintelligent. While I don’t think Barbie’s looks or fashion choices are trivial issues, I do see Barbie as iconic in fashion, career, and beauty. My Barbie blogs are simply meant to give you a feeling of familiarity and entertainment. Hope you enjoy them.

Welcome to The World of Barbie

Barbie first appeared in 1959

A Star is Born – 1950’s Barbie

Barbie doll’s first hairstyle a ponytail with curly bangs
Ultra long legs and slim waist
Barbie doll’s first hairstyle a ponytail with curly bangs
Ultra long legs and slim waist

Barbie Evening Splendor in a matching coat and dress typical formal party wear in the 1950’s
1950’s Barbie wears a Busy Gal Style Suit to work as a fashion designer

Queen of Fashion & Ken Arrives – 1960’s Barbie

In 1961 Barbie meets her boyfriend Ken. Some of Ken’s own wardrobe was inspired by the movie star Troy Donahue
1960’s Barbie Registered Nurse in a typical nurse’s uniform with navy blue cape

1960’s Grace Kelly inspired fluffy stole Barbie dress
1960’s Fashion Luncheon outfit with presidential touches is ideal for having lunch at the White House. Inspired by First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy’s chic style trends.

1960’s Barbie Graduates from college
1960’s Barbie as a Career Girl in a tailored tweed suit

One thought on “Welcome to The World of Barbie 1950 & 1960 Era”

  • melanie cohen says:

    My Barbie and Ken collection were the most important playtime for me till I was 12. 1962 is when I started my collection. My Grandmother designed most of my Barbie dolls wardrobe which I still have today along with every style of clothing and furniture. My 2 girls have had the honor of enjoying playtime growing up with Barbie and now in hopes one day I will have grandchildren to dazzle in The Barbie world.
    I thank you Jeanette Bonfiglio for letting me share one of my most happiness memories . Childhood for me were best friends called my Barbie dolls. I have my Barbie and Ken dolls still in my home – where my heart is. Each playtime with Barbie had a different focus a story untold but still a memory for me.

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