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Children's Books: The Most Extraordinary Ordinary Day
Amanda, a lively and adorable girl, has a knack for turning everyday moments into magical adventures. With each turn of the page, you will see how Amanda uses her imagination to turn an
“Ordinary Day into an Extrordinary Day”!
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Children's Books: All The Ways Mommy Loves Me
From a kiss before bedtime, to a hug, to playing a video game, this book captures everyday moments showcasing the infinite ways a mother shows her love in action. A tender and simple message of
“Little Things Show Love A Lot”.
Children's Books
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“This book (which will hopefully be followed by many more) explores the essential nature of being positive. A treasure of a book!” – Readers’ Favorite Reviews

“In the most adorable ways, author Jeanette Bonfiglio shows her readers that there’s nothing like a parent’s love.” – Readers’ Favorite Reviews

Coming Soon… My Third Book In The
“Love Our Little Ones” Series

Children's Books: Love Our Little Ones

Book Title… In The Works
The story of a Silly & Lovable Dog Named Teddy
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Children's Books: Podcast

Once upon a time… begins with ordinary moments